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Ship transportation systems based on slipway trolleys are designed to move ships and their individual block sections, as well as submarine hulls during construction or repair, as well as during the transportation of heavy loads at machine-building works.

Lifting capacity:

  • 250 tons


  • 25 MPa
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The structure of the slipway trolley includes a double-acting hydraulic actuator with a locking nut, which has holes for immersion into water. The hydraulic actuator has corrosion protection. The hydraulic actuator allows lifting and docking of hull structures, vessel position control when moving, and load distribution between trolleys when they work as part of a rail ship train.

The trolleys can carry loads up to 80, 125, 170, 200, 150, 320 tons. According to the Customer's TDA, we develop slipway trolleys with a lifting capacity of up to 420 tons with the possibility of immersion in fresh and sea water.

Our company develops both self-propelled and non-self-propelled trolleys, with electric and hydraulic drives, with individual and centralized power supply.

Slipway trolley features include:

  • A rotary mechanism, a lifting hydraulic jack and a centering device;
  • Remote control at launch;
  • Synchronous maneuverability, which reduces the probability of cargo deformation.



Loading capacity, t


Piston stroke, mm


Ambient temperature range, 0С


Overall dimensions (LxWxH), mm


Hydraulic actuator weight, kg