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Production and shipment of the hydraulic rigging system of horizontal movement «SKAT-1» for the company «Mammoet»

Designed for horizontal movement along sliding paths of cargo, large-sized, heavy objects.
In December 2020, the mechanical plant "Enerprom" manufactured and delivered to the company "Mammoet" cargo jacks SSP-800 as part of the lifting hydraulic system of horizontal movement "SKAT-1". Mammoet offers solutions for any heavy lifting or transport task. The company is known for its operation to raise the Kursk nuclear submarine in February 2001.
This device is designed for stepwise lifting of a load when performing work in various industries and moving it. The DG200G150SP jack has a lifting capacity of up to 200 tons and is used in complex and heavy dismantling and assembly works. The device weighs 302 kilograms, and it is able to operate in the most severe weather conditions: from minus 30 to plus 40.
The main components of the jack are: body, piston, bushing, movable plate, body support. To relieve excess pressure in the rod end of the jack, there is a safety valve. To connect to the pressure and drain lines of the pump, the jack is equipped with quick-disconnect couplings, which exclude the loss of hydraulic fluid when connecting and disconnecting from the pump. There are cargo screws to move the jack. The movement of the jack piston is carried out due to the force arising from the supply of liquid under pressure into the piston cavity. The piston is returned to its original position by pumping hydraulic fluid into the jack rod cavity.
Moving heavy and super heavy loads. The system can work without lifting equipment (mechanisms), including in places where there is no possibility of lifting equipment.
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