199178, the city of St. Petersburg, 17th V.O. line, 54, cor. 7

Designed for inspections, defect detection and repairs on propellers of various sizes by turning them over.

The design features of the rig allow turning around two axes, which ensures repairs of all surfaces of the propellers from one position.

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  1. The rig significantly reduces the time for repairing the ship's propeller by turning;
  2. The propeller is fastened with a special clamping device on the rig;
  3. To prevent the propellers from self-retracting, the rig is equipped with a mechanical brake that locks after clamping;
  4. 360° rotation of the rig screw around its axis in any position;
  5. To place small propellers on the rig, process tooling is used, which is included in the delivery package;
  6. The rig is controlled by a remote control.

Model for ordering


Maximum diameter

propeller grip for up to 5 m

Fork rotation speed

10 min. per revolution

Overall dimensions (LxWxH)

6424х5120х2337 mm