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The lifeboat launching device (LLD) ensures the safe launch of the lifeboat with full supplies and the designed number of people. The LLD is designed for a maximum working weight of up to 2000 kg, while the weight of a lifeboat with a full supply, an outboard outboard motor with fuel shall be no more than 660 kg, the capacity of the boat being up to 15 people.

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Each packaged LLD includes: a handling frame, a boat winch, a quick-release hook to which the slings of the boat are attached, keel blocks for installing the boat, knits for attaching it to keel blocks, a control post, a hydraulic unit and electrical equipment.

The LLD is installed on the open deck of the vessel. The LLD is equipped with brakes capable of stopping the launch of the rescue vehicle and securely holds it when it is loaded with the designed number of people and quantities of supplies. LLD control is both electromechanical and manual.

All equipment remains operational after the winter standstill.




Item number


Max LLD height from deck, mm


Max operating load on LLD, kg


Static different / pitch, degr

5 / 15

Power supply

380V, 50Hz

Electrical equipment protection degree


LLD control

electromechanical / manual