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They are designed to deliver service fluid under set pressure and flow into hydraulic systems and complexes such as:

  • hydraulic drives of machines,
  • filling and filtering stations,
  • lubrication systems (bearings, turbines, lubrication systems for drafting),
  • flushing and pressure test systems etc.


  • 1-16 MPa

Tank capacity:

  • 10-1000 liters

Flow rate:

  • 0.5-500 l/min

Drive type:

  • 220/380 V | ICE
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  1. Depending on operating modes and conditions, oil stations are manufactured in various designs as per GOST 15150-69, explosion-proof and mining types, etc.;
  2. Configuration, dimensions, pressure and oil supply values can be customized to your requirements;
  3. Oil stations can be equipped with flow and pressure automatic control devices with automated process control system;
  4. Oil stations can be manufactured as a pump unit with remote control panel.