199178, the city of St. Petersburg, 17th V.O. line, 54, cor. 7

Designed for replacement of cushioning devices of the rail fleet in order to effect repair and technical inspection.

The unit enables to implement mounting and dismantling of spring and friction, as well as elastomeric units (classes of T0 to T3) with a maximum energy intensity of up to 200 kJ.

Lifting capacity:

  • up to 565 tons


  • 520 kg


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  1. The unit is fitted with a mobile hand for convenient transportation along the rails. The possibility of the unit transversal displacement enables to locate the turn table accurately under the cushioning device.
  2. The unit operates based of the pneumatic network, it is not necessary to connect it to the electrical power source;
  3. Lifting and lowering of the table when compressing the cushioning device is made not by the hydraulic cylinder, but by influence of its structure of scissor type. This eliminates radial loads on the rod of the hydraulic cylinder and increases its durability.





Elevation height

830 mm

Additional tools

PPA-3 and a nut wrench

Overall dimensions of the stand (LxWxH)

4,300х2,370х2,700 mm