199178, the city of St. Petersburg, 17th V.O. line, 54, cor. 7

Designed for longitudinal sliding of bridge structures on metal beams with discrete resting on cross beams (roll-over track).

The longitudinal slide of superstructures is widely used in domestic and foreign bridge construction. This technology makes it possible to reduce the construction time by simultaneously carrying out the installation of the superstructure and the construction of supports.

Pushing force:

  • 398 tf


  • 32 MPa
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1. The operation of the longitudinal slide of the structure is performed on two-beam pushers;

2. The unit allows longitudinal sliding of a bridge item:

• up to 4,000 meters long;

• weighing up to 8,000 tons;

3. The extension speed of pushing hydraulic actuators under load is up to 260 mm per minute. The speed of the hydraulic actuator depends on the power of the oil station.






Piston stroke

2500 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH)

6125х700 mm

Weight (total)

6600 kg