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It is designed for horizontal movement along the sliding tracks of ship hulls during installation and rigging operations with a maximum weight of up to 1200 tons in the conditions of emergency work and in the absence of an equipped slip.

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Skidding systems are up-to-date arrangements for horizontal movement, which are often used in complex rigging operations in combination with gantry hydraulic lifts, lifting jack masts, rotary platforms, cargo jacks and other power rigging equipment.

  1. The skidding system can include an unlimited number of portable elements (sliding track), and the load can be moved at any distance by rearranging them and thus extending the track in front of the load.
  2. The low profile of the system, its clearance being 283 mm, allows moving items in hard-to-reach places. Also, the reinforced structure of the under-load beam is able to withstand heavy loads when moving on an uneven surface.
  3. The pushing element of the system eliminates manual rearrangements to a new position with the help of a self-adjusting mechanical stop, thus reducing the time for moving the load.
  4. The design of the system is ultra-reliable and durable. The use of sliding cards (Teflon washers) provides a low coefficient of friction, and the transported cargo has no friction at all.
  5. The skidding system can be easily transported and assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes. A small weight of portable elements allows handling them it manually (there are handles, eye bolts) or with the help of small mechanisms, without using any expensive lifting gear.
  6. When launching along an inclined surface, low-profile launching jamb trolleys can additionally be manufactured.