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It is intended for carrying out rigging and transport and transshipment operations with various industrial equipment, as well as assembly and dismantling tasks when moving high-tonnage equipment and super heavy loads.

Mobile gantry technology is effective where it is impossible to use cargo cranes in the limited conditions of production workshops or construction sites.

The gantry hydraulic lift consists of:

  • movable hydraulic racks; rail tracks; power beams equipped with movable carriages with hooks for loads;
  • oil stations with a set of hoses;
  • lift control systems.

Lifting capacity:

  • 100-1000 tons

Lifting height

  • 8000 mm
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  1. The hydraulic gantry can consist of 2 or 4 movable supports, which can move separately or synchronously with special rails;
  2. The gantry is controlled by an associated control panel equipped with a personal computer with the appropriate software that allows performing all necessary operations related to rigging;
  3. Each lifting tower consists of a main frame with its own electromechanical drive designed to move the tower along specialized rail tracks. A hydraulic telescopic actuator is built into the tower. The operation of hydraulic actuators is synchronized;
  4. A lifting beam is installed between each two lifting towers, where a lateral displacement module is mounted (designed to install a load) moving with the help of a gear motor and a screw-nut transmission gear.
  5. The gantry system allows the cargo to be positioned in 3 planes: by length, width and height;
  6. The rail track consists of sections that can be rearranged, thereby increasing the load movement length;
  7. The gantry can be disassembled into modules, which allows it to be transported by truck.