199178, the city of St. Petersburg, 17th V.O. line, 54, cor. 7

This is a system of controlled lifting (ongrowing), installation of tanks at the place of their foundation, with further construction and usage.

The ongrowing method using hydraulic jacks allows doing without any powerful lifting equipment and allows lifting high-capacity tanks.

Lifting capacity:

  • up to 540 tons


  • 21 MPa
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  1. Advanced functions of the unit: installation, dismantling and repair of tanks;
  2. During the lifting process, in case of lagging or overtaking of one support relative to the others, the system automatically stops the oil supply until the lagging supports are synchronized;
  3. Installation of hydraulic supports can be carried out both inside the tank and outside;
  4. The hydraulic supports are equipped with a mechanical lock, which allows holding the rod in the extended position for a long time.





Lifting height

up to 2200 mm

Lifting speed

2.75 mm/sec

Total system weight

12,600 kg