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It is designed to drive a bottom flap device (a system of bottom openings with hatches) on self-propelled scows and barges.

Closing/opening system for bottom flap device includes hydraulic actuators connected to the bottom hatches via power rods, an oil station and a system control panel.

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Hydraulic actuators are controlled from the APCS control panel. The control system monitors the degree of opening of the hatches with the help of motion sensors built into the hydraulic actuator.

Our company manufactures power hydraulic actuators for various purposes, including "maritime class", which are operated in severe climatic conditions: at high and low temperatures and under prolonged exposure to salt water.

At the order of the Onega Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant, as part of a production series of three barges in the NV 600 project, we manufactured maritime hydraulic actuators with a 2800 mm stem length for bottom flaps and an overflow device for 1300 mm. The total number of actuators supplied is 26 pcs.