199178, the city of St. Petersburg, 17th V.O. line, 54, cor. 7

Designed for repair (lifting of the car from one side; adjustment, precompression and replacement of hatch covers; precompression of separate elements when effecting welding on the body; handling operations etc.) at the check points and points of the car preparation for transportation, was well as during maintenance in the shed.

Speed of the machine:

  • 14.20-2.5 m/min


  • 21,000 kg
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  1. Upon the request of the Customer the machine is fitted with manual hydraulic tools connected to the hydraulic system of the machine: nut wrench, nut splitter and a unit for removal of the cushioning device;
  2. The hydraulic system of the machine foresees heating of operating liquid to provide a possibility of operation in north regions;
  3. It is possible to locate the tool in the shop, as well as at an open site enabling flexible maintenance of the railway cars;
  4. The design of the car repair machine 2 (VRM-2) meets the requirements of the specialists that have a large experience of the rail fleet repair in the railway network of RZhD JSC;
  5. Number of the maintenance personnel: 3 operators.



Internal dimensions of VRM for passage of the car

Complies with GOST 9238-83

Overall dimensions (LxWxH)

7,255х9,126х8,000 mm